Advanced Options

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With MemberTies Professional, you can setup some advanced options on the Activity Details window that will apply to the Front Desk check-in / check-out process.  To access advanced options, click the "Advanced" button on the activity window.

Setting Advanced Options

1Choose File > Workspace > Activity List.
2When the Activity List appears, either click the Add or Open toolbar button to either create or open an activity. See Working with Activities if you haven't created an activity yet.
3Once the Details window for the record opens, click the Advanced button.


The Advanced Options window is divided into two tabpages:

Automatic Reports - enables you to specify one or more reports that will automatically print for the attendee upon check-in and/or check-out.

You can select from any user-defined membership or activity report, but keep in mind that the report will run as if you had entered the attendee as criteria. It will only print one record.  This option is designed for printing a name card at check-in, for example.
Choose the desired report, and then select when it should print.  The "Active" option enables you to turn off a report without losing your settings.
Automatic Postings by Status - enables you to default specific charges based on the membership status of the member being checked in.

Anything entered on this window will be entered on the posting record created when a member of the applicable status is checked-in.  If you want to be able to override the values, select the "Optional" checkbox.  If "Optional" is not selected, the fields on the Front Desk window will be disabled. The "Active" option enables you to turn off a report without losing your settings.
Note that a special "status" for "Undefined" is also available.  If this is used, it will be applied whenever an attendee has a status that doesn't have a specific amount associated with it.

In the above example, there are specific amounts associated with several statuses.  If a member having a different status attends, the system will use the "(Default)" amount shown.